When you are went to our Rakia bar, you will find yourself in Serbia! You breath the aroma of excellent Serbian coffee. Rakia bar is a tasty Serbian restaurant. Serbian cuisine is a mixture of different culinary traditions, which over time has become a distinctive phenomenon.

We offer our guests to taste the delicacies and specialties from Serbia and from the Adriatic coast: kaymak and prshut, “aivar”, chorba, splashing, kobasitsa, chevapchichi, razhnichi, karajorzhnova schnitzel. Our chief is Lubomir Mitić from Belgrade. He and his friends from Serbia will serve you. Each time you come to the Rakia bar, you are as if making a small trip to a Serbia. They love and know how to receive guests. And they do it from the bottom of their hearts.

Rakia it is a bar. It is big family that carefully preserves traditions. So, every guest here is always greeted as a good friend!

with love from Serbia